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My remodelling service takes old, broken or unused jewellery and reignites it’s sparkle and the love you have for it. All too often, in the dusty corners of jewellery boxes, lurk those neglected pieces… They may be broken but still cherished. They may be unworn heirlooms or pieces that hold sentimental value. They may be loved but just not suit our style. They may also be all of the above!

Taking old jewellery and breathing new life to it is such a joyful thing to do. Whether you’re looking to create a future heirloom, something for a special occasion, a piece of memorial jewellery or something just for you right now, it’s all possible!

Initial Conversation

The first step of the process is to have a conversation. This initial discussion allows me to better understand what you’re looking for, while also answering any questions you may have. In preparation for this discussion, it would be great for you to consider a few things…

The design

With a better understanding of what you want to achieve, I can start start the design process. In reality, this starts during our initial conversation and we continue collaboratively. I’ll take away your thoughts and ideas and use those to inform the design. At the heart of it always is my desire to create you your perfect piece of jewellery to treasure.

The making process

Once we’ve agreed the design, the next step is on me. Remodelling jewellery is a beautifully complex job. There are
lots of processes to it, which means it will take a bit longer to make your jewellery. I'll keep you updated with how we're going and even send you some pictures.

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