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Hello and thank you for stopping by, I'm Lucy and I design and create all the jewellery you can see. Jewellery is my passion (and, if I'm honest, obsession) and I'm so pleased to be able to share a little bit of that with you.

I've always loved jewellery, wearing it, admiring it and eventually, designing and making it. When I first tried Silversmithing, it just felt right and I fell in love! Being creative is ingrained within me, but it was the ability to design and make something from start to finish that really excited me. It's that same passion and genuine love, all-be-it with a little refinement, that still drives me today.  

I find the relationship that people have with jewellery fascinating and love that it has so many different roles to play in life. For me, it’s always been the perfect way to finish off an outfit and an outward reflection of your own personal style. However, it’s also so much more… When I look back at my own jewellery collection, I realised that it’s more than a box of jewellery, it’s also a collection of memories. I have pieces that carry treasured memories of people and moments that have passed in my life. I have pieces that take me back to points in time, sad and happy...  I have pieces that excite me, pieces that comfort me, pieces that inspire me and some that make me feel sassy!

The rugged coastline, beaches and rolling hills that surround me in Cornwall influence my designs greatly. From the textures of sand and rock formations to the shapes and patterns in waves and gnarly Cornish hedges. Some of the ideas for my designs can be traced right back to a moment, a walk or a location that has inspired me. I try to evoke these memories and images through my designs, so that just like my own jewellery collection, yours is more than a box of jewellery, it’s a collection of memories and feelings.

All my designs are handmade in my studio, looking out over the ever changing landscape of the North Cornwall countryside. I use traditional Silversmith techniques and tools to craft each piece by hand.

From my tiny corner of Cornwall, I send them on across the world to their forever homes with my love, gratitude and a sense of pride knowing that a piece of my jewellery is becoming a part of someone else’s memories and another strand in their relationship with life.