Rock Pool Pendant - Lucy Symons Jewellery
Rock Pool Pendant - Lucy Symons Jewellery

Rock Pool Pendant

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This beautiful statement pendant is inspired by the ever changing rock pools pools that edge the beach. The colours, the life and the water that flows through them. 

It's formed of a hand cut disc of Sterling Silver, measuring 18mm (1.8 cm) at it's widest point. An off centre circle is cut out of it, representing the irregularity in shape and size of the pools.

The vivid turquoise / green colour is added by using powdered enamel in two different colours that is hand fired. The process of hand firing means that no one necklace is identical, just as in the rock pools on the beach and there are beautiful variances in the colour, giving the pendant a wonderful realism!

Three balls of silver are soldered to the front, representing rocks. These balls have been polished to give them a beautiful sheen. The back of the pendant has a lovely brushed texture and is presented on an 18 inch Sterling Silver trace style chain.

This pendant is gives a pop of summer colours when ever you need it! Its simple contemporary style means that it's perfect day or night. It would make a great gift for anyone who loves the ocean or holds a special place in their heart for Cornwall. 

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